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This page contains properties describing the selected object.


  • Command Panel
    • Edit Value - edit the value of the selected property.You can also change the value of the property directly in the table by double-clicking on it.
  • Property table - contains the properties of the selected object. You can customize the table as needed.
    Table columns: .
    Column Description
    Status Icon meaning:
    Inherited property Inherited property - a property is inherited to this object from a parent object whose name is specified in the Object column.
    Read-only Read-only - the value of the property is retrieved from Active Directory or hw detection and therefore cannot be manually changed.
    Alert Alert - there is something wrong with the property. Mouse over the icon and a more detailed description of the error will appear in the bubble.
    Property Property name, see Property Definitions.
    Value Property value; Double-click on the value to change the value (if you have sufficient permissions to do so and the property value is not locked).
    Object The name of the parent object from which the property is inherited.
    Inherit The value Yes indicates that this property is inherited to child objects.
    Category See Property categories for the names of the property categories in which this property is included.
    Object name (order) If this property specifies the object name, the numeric value in this column represents the order of the part of the object name that this property specifies. For example, a value of 1 means that the property value specifies the beginning of the object name.
    Order The rows in the property table are usually ordered by this column. You can change the value, see Property Definitions.


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