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Custom commands

The custom command can be used to perform custom operations or operations with external systems. A custom command can be run for just one selected request or without link to a request. To display it to the user and run it, it is possible to define conditions that control, for example, the role of the logged-in user, the status of the request, or the value of its items.

Using the command can perform a sequence of actions within the ALVAO Service Desk, or open a URL in the user's default browser.

Poorly defining a custom command can irreversibly damage the Alvao database, so always create and test commands on a copy of the database in a test environment.
A prerequisite for creating a functional custom command is a good knowledge of Alvao database, Service Desk WebService API and Alvao.API.
Tip: To display a custom command in the user's preferred language, create one command for each language. Then, in the display condition, check if the user's preferred language matches the language of the command.


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