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Links between requests

Request links to other requests are shown on the Request page - Links tab. You can also view the links directly in the requests table.

Types of links

Link type Link meaning
Relates to

For example, two change requests are for the same device (CI). These requests are related.

This is a general type of link. There is no functionality tied to this link type.

It is parent over / It is child under

For example, a supervised task consists of sub subordinate tasks (decomposition).

A parent request cannot be closed while it has open child requests.

A notification is automatically sent to the solver of the parent request when each child request is resolved.

Precedes before / Follows after

For example:

  1. Previous tasks must be completed chronologically before next tasks.
  2. The following request was created based on the preceding request.

Used to document the solution sequence or origin of the request.

Blocking/Is Blocked

For example, a blocked request can only be started or completed after the blocking request is complete.
Note: The application does not restrict the resolution or closure of a blocked request in any way.

A notification is automatically sent to the solver of the blocked request when each blocking request is resolved.

Is Duplicated / Duplicating

For example, two users have reported incidents regarding the same issue. The first incident will be Duplicated, the second will be Duplicate to it.


For links between records of individual ITIL processes, we recommend using the following types of links:

For "simple" ITIL, we recommend recording all links as "related".

If you want to implement ITIL more consistently, we recommend using the following types of links:

ITIL Link type Note
Incident - similar Incident (parent - child) Is Duplicated - Duplicates The first incident is marked as "Is Duplicated". All other incidents related to the same fault duplicate the first incident.
Incident - Problem/Known Error Related to An incident may occur to an existing problem. A problem can arise from an existing incident. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use "Precedes Before - Follows After".
Incident - Service Request Precedes Before - Follows After Service Request is created based on an incident (SR handles the incident).
Incident - RFC (N:N) - RFC is triggered by an incident Precedes before - Follows after The RFC resolves the incident.
RFC - Incident (caused by) Precedes Before - Follows After Incident caused by a poorly implemented change.
Problem - RFC Precedes before - Follows after Problem is resolved via RFC.

Custom link types

The Alvao administrator can create custom link types in the database in the TicketRelationType table. Changes to system link types are not supported.

When creating new link types, choose the start and end of the link so that the link is mostly created from the initial request. When creating a link, the end names of all types are offered first, then the start name.


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