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Request following

The request can be followed by other users or other people who may not have access to the Alvao system. The following email notifications are automatically sent to the followers:

  • Notification of an incoming request message
  • Notification of a change in the request resolution date
  • Request resolution notification
  • Reopen request notification
Notification is sent to the watcher of every incoming message for a request, including messages not addressed to the requester. Therefore, the followers receive more information (emails) than the requester of the request.


Followers who are direct recipients of a message are no longer sent notification of an incoming message. Similarly, notification is not sent to the follower whose action is to be the basis for sending the notification.

Following shutdown

If you want to follow a request, use the Follow Request command on the request page. The requester of a request cannot turn on request following themselves.

If you want to enroll someone else to follow a request, on the request page, on the General - Followers tab, click the Add Followers link and enter the followers' names one by one. Followers must be registered users with a completed email, but do not need to have access to the Alvao applications, i.e. they do not need to have an assigned username. Followers who have access to the Alvao applications automatically gain the right to view the request and record events in their log.

Following can only be enabled by members of the resolution team, readers of the service or current followers of the request.

If you want to see which requests you are following in the request table, view the Request Following column, which you can also filter requests by.

Stop following

To disable request follow, use the Stop following the request. You can also disable following by using the link provided at the end of each notification.

If you want to disable following for someone else, use the General - Followers tab to remove them from the following list.

Contents of the notification

The same notification is sent to followers as to requesters, but a link is added at the end to disable following. In system notifications, the phrase "your request" is replaced with "request", as it is usually not the request of the watcher.

In custom notifications, the phrase "your request" is not substituted, so the text can be confusing to the follower.


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