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Setting up detections in ALVAO Asset Management.


  • Keep only one valid detection per machine - enable if you do not want to create new software and hardware computer discovery requests.
    The most recent (youngest) existing records are used, similar to calling Detect again.
    Enabling this option will ensure that detections are not accumulated for each computer.
    This will ensure that you have just one current detection for hardware and software.
  • Agents verification code - Enter the code used to authenticate standalone Agents when communicating with the Web Service. You must enter the same code when installing Agents.
  • In the records, automatically create new computers with an installed autonomous Agent - turn on if you want the Autonomous Agent to automatically create new computers that are not in the inventory.
  • Scheduling - After enabling automatic detection, you can set the daily interval of automatic loading and choose exception days when it won't run.
  • Loading files - Automatic loading of detection files (*.CXM) - after enabling, additional options will appear.
    • Load CXM files automatically from - Select the storage from which the file will be loaded:
      • Folder - Choose this option for loading data from a disk folder.
        • Path - Enter the path to the folder.
        • If the loading process suceeded/failed - You can choose what happens with the data file after the process is finished in each of cases. (The file can be deleted or moved to the specified folder.)
      • Microsoft Azure storage
        • Connection string - enter a valid MS Azure storage connection string following the example: DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=alvao;AccountKey=***;


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