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Web Inventory

The form is used to set up the ALVAO Inventory Audits.


  • Command Panel
    • Save - saves the settings and closes the form.
    • Restore default text
      • Notification - in the Notification Text field inserts the default text.
      • Forms - inserts default text in the Form Text field.
  • Notification - template message sent to users at the start and possibly during the inventory. You can edit the text before sending each message. 
    • From - enter the email address from which notifications will be sent. You can enter only the email address or display name and email address, e.g. Alvao DontReply <>
    • Subject - enter the subject of the notification.
    • Text - enter the text of the notification. In the text, we always recommend to include a link to the web inventory form in the ALVAO WebApp.
      You can return the notification text to its default status by using the Restore Default Text - Notifications command.
  • Form
    • Form Text - enter explanatory text that will be displayed to users at the top of the web inventory form.
      You can return this text to its default status by using the Restore Default Text - Form command.
In multi-language environment, after changing the Subject, Notification Text or Form Text, it is necessary to update the translations into other languages as well. If you don't update the translations, users will see an unupdated translation or text in the system language.


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