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New template

Use this form to create a new request template.


  • Template Name - enter the name by which users will select the template from the template menu.
  • Description of template - if applicable, enter a more detailed description of the template and its use.
  • Service - enter at least part of the service name and then select the service for which you want to create the requests template from the menu.
  • Request Name - enter a name for the request. This field is only available if the request name is not hidden in the new-request-submission form.
  • Description - enter a detailed description of the request if applicable.
  • Attachments - list of attachments to the request
    • Add Attachment - select the file you want to add as an attachment. You can also attach files by dragging and dropping them into the form.
  • SLA - select from the menu SLA of the request.
  • Additional items - depending on the service and its process settings, additional items may be displayed on the form.
  • Assign - if you want to immediately assign a new request created using this template to a specific solver or solver group, enable this option and enter the solver name or group name.


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