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Use this form to schedule the automatic periodic creation of new requests according to a selected request template.

In the template table, view the Scheduling column, which contains the scheduled creation date of the next request. After you change the scheduling, the value in the column will appear within 24 hours.

Automatically created requests are linked by a precedes before - follows after type link. Each time you change the scheduling, the chain of links is broken.

If the requests are not generated as you would expect, it may be due to some change in permission settings, etc. You can find errors detected during request creation in the Alvao Service event log.


  • Automatically create requests based on this template - enable if you want to automatically create requests according to the selected request template. Disabling this option will temporarily disable the set request creation.
  • Requester - enter at least part of the name of the requester for whom the requests are to be automatically created, and then select the requester from the menu.
  • Repeat - select the frequency of request creation and specify additional time parameters.
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • Extent of repetition
    • Start - enter the day on which the first request is due.
    • End - select how long requests are to be created:
      • Indefinitely
      • End after (occurrences) - enter the total number of requests you want to create.
      • End - enter the day on which to create the last request.


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