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ALVAO Microsoft Intune Connector

This module imports information on devices from Microsoft Intune to Alvao. It can also import information on devices from Configuration Manager (formerly Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager - MS SCCM).


To set up the connector for an ALVAO SaaS subscription, please contact the ALVAO technical support team.

To set up the connector for an on-premise installation, see Installation.

Importing information from Intune

The connector periodically reads the information in Intune and updates the corresponding objects representing the devices in Alvao.

When the import is running for the first time, Alvao objects are paired with Intune devices by the Hostname object property in the case of computers, or by the IMEI property in the case of cellular phones (object kind = Cellular phone). If no Alvao object is found for a given hostname, or IMEI respectively, a new Alvao object is created in the Imported objects folder in the object tree. Check the folder regularly, change the kind of newly created objects if necessary, and move the objects to appropriate places in the object tree.

For all objects paired with a device in Inture, the connector sets the Intune device id object property and uses the property instead of the Hostname property.

In the Intune last check-in property, you will find the date and time when Intune last updated the device information.

The connector can update the following object properties:

  • BIOS serial number
  • Hostname
  • MAC addresses
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Operating system
  • RAM size (GB)
  • Serial number
  • Total storage capacity (GB)
  • User (UPN)

Importing information from Configuration Manager

The connector doesn't create new Alvao objects for new devices in Configuration Manager. It performs HW and SW detections. To use it, plan detections using the MS SCCM detection method.


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