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ALVAO Inventory Audits

With this module you can perform inventory of assets. The following inventory methods are available:

  • Web Asset Inventory, which is entrusted to users for use, directly by those users in the ALVAO WebApp.
  • Physical inventory using barcodes and the Orca Scan application for mobile phones and certain barcode scanners.
  • (Obsolete) Physical inventory using Zebra MC3xxx series barcode readers running Microsoft Windows CE.
For smaller numbers of assets, you can also take inventory the classic way by checking off items on printed inventory lists. You can filter the assets to be inventoried e.g. on the Assigned objects tab, export them to MS Excel, edit the list and print them on paper. Finally, update the records in the object tree according to the inventory result.

Technical requirements

  • ALVAO Asset Management
  • Users who will perform web inventory must have registered user accounts in Alvao (e.g., loaded from AD) through which they will log into the ALVAO WebApp. The username listed in their object in the object tree in ALVAO Asset Management is not sufficient.
  • Zebra MC3000, MC3100, MC32N0 series mobile terminal (with Windows Mobile/CE operating system). (optional)


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