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Found objects

In this Window you will find the objects found by Edit - Find.


Local menu options in the object list:

  • Computer - if an object of type Computer is selected in the object list, the following options are available:
    • Detect - detect the selected computer (can be detected using the saved settings for the computer, or edit the settings once).
    • Detection settings - modify detection settings for the selected computer.
    • Hardware - view details of the hardware detection for the selected computer.
    • Software
    • Change Software Profile - set the software profile.
  • Administrator Tools - commands for administration of an object available only to the administrator.
  • Ping - to determine if a computer at a given IP address responds.
  • Select in tree - select a specific object in the object tree.
  • Mark in tree - mark the selected object in the object tree.
  • Move - move the selected object.
  • New Request - create a new request in the ALVAO Service Desk related to the selected object.
  • Add to Request - add selected objects to the Objects item of an existing request in the ALVAO Service Desk.
  • Related Requests - view requests in ALVAO Service Desk that are related to the selected object.
  • Table - options for working with the table.
  • Find - search for specified text.
  • Print - display information about the selected object in the print preview. Select the one that suits you best from the offered templates. For some, you will need Specify query parameters.
    If you select a report for the Transfer Protocol, the appropriate window will open to fill in the necessary handover information:
  • Delete - delete the selected object.
  • Add link to document - add a document link to the selected object.
  • Edit - edit the selected object.


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