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Incoming message rules

This page is used to manage the rules that the ALVAO Service Desk applies to incoming email messages that have been delivered to service inboxes and based on which new requests have been created.

Messages that contain a request tag in the subject are automatically associated with an existing request and these rules do not apply to them.

Individual rules are applied to an incoming message sequentially in the same order as they appear on this page (when sorted by the Order column). Each rule consists of a condition and an action. The action is only executed if the condition is met.
Once one of the rules (if more than one is set) is evaluated as true for a message, processing ends, not all are evaluated.


  • Commands Panel
    • New Rule - create new rule.
    • Edit- edit the selected rule.
    • Delete - delete the selected rule.
    • Down - move the selected rule down one position.
    • Up - move the selected rule up one position.
  • Rules table- contains all the rules created. The table can be customize.
  • Selected Rule - when you select a rule in the table, preview will appear to the right of the table with information about the selected rule.


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