Property Categories

In the main window, there is a Properties tab at the top right, which displays the properties of the object currently selected in the tree. There are also a number of other views that are used to filter properties by the appropriate category. On the far left are the two default views All and Custom. Next are the default views:

  • Basic
  • Technical
  • Accounting
  • Location

On each view, only properties with the selected focus are maintained by default.

Custom views are defined in the Property Categories folder, which you can view in the tree by selecting Tools - Settings from the main menu. and on the Display tab, turn on the Show hidden objects option. After you create or delete a category in the tree, you must manually create or delete the corresponding view on the Properties tab.

Each child object of the Property Category object represents one view. The list of properties of the child object determines what properties will be listed in the corresponding view. Only the __order property has a specific meaning - it determines the order of the view in the window. The values of the other properties have no meaning.

Before you start editing property categories, switch to the view All.
Changes are reflected on the tabs by pressing F5.


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