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Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of knowledge, i.e. articles in which applicants and solvers can find guides to common situations, problems or other useful information. To view the knowledge base, use the command in the main menu- Knowledge Base.

Each knowledge can be assigned to one or even multiple services simultaneously. It is then displayed to users in the application in the context of those services, e.g., to requesters in the service catalog, in the New request form, and also on the Requrest - Solving process tab. Knowledge that is not assigned to any service only appears on the Knowledge base page, or users can search for it.

Knowledge permissions

Applicants can search and view only selected knowledge (see the Show to applicants option), that are assigned to their services. They can't create or modify any knowledge, nor can they see the knowledge of services in which they are not requesters.

Solution team members and exceptional service solvers can view, create and edit all knowledge in their service. Additionally, if they are members of the knowledge base root group, they can also edit knowledge that is not assigned to any service.

Service readers cannot edit knowledge, but they can view all knowledge in a given service that is visible to members of the solution team.

Knowledge Utilisation Statistics

See Analysis of ALVAO WebApp traffic.


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