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Current News

The service's resolution team informs applicants by means of updated messages about:

  • scheduled service outages,
  • ongoing outages and failures,
  • pending changes to the service offerings, etc.

Current messages can also be used to share emergency information within service resolution teams.

Current news can be read by clicking on the Current News icon, which is displayed on every page of the application in the top-right corner. If there are messages you haven't read yet, the icon shows the number of messages. Service requesters can only read the messages. Service team members can create and edit messages using the manage command.

Requesters can still see the current news on the main page and, for specific services, in the service catalog and in the new-request form.


If you need to find out which users have viewed a current news item, you can find this information in the database in the NewsRead table.

Example of getting a list of all users who have viewed the current message named "S3 server outage":

select NR.* from NewsRead NR
join News N on = NR.NewsId 
where N.Subject = N'S3 server outage'


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