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We recommend using the following link types for registering the contexts between the records of individual ITIL processes:

All links for "simple" ITIL should be recorded as "related".

If you want to implement ITIL more rigorously, we recommend using the following link types:

ITIL Link Type Note
Incident – similar Incident (parent – child) duplicated – duplicate

The first incident is marked as "duplicated". All other incidents relating to the same problem are duplicates.

Incident – Problem / Known Issue related

The incident can be created for an existing problem. A problem can be created based on existing incidents. Therefore, using "previous – next" is not recommended.

Incident – Service Request  previous – next

The Service Request will be created based on an incident (SR is involved in an incident).

Incident – RFC (N:N) – RFC is triggered by an incident  previous – next 

RFC is involved in an incident.

RFC – Incident (caused by) previous – next

The incident was caused by a change made incorrectly.

Problem – RFC previous – next

The problem is being solved through RFC.


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