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Request Fulfilment

Request Fulfilment addresses commonly recurring Service Requests imposed on the Service Desk. Service Requests present a risk small enough that it may not go through more formalized Change Management ITIL process. Typical requests addressed by the Request Fulfilment include a request for a password change, request for a standard desktop, request for an installation of standard SW on a specific workstation or the request for a consultation.

Various Request models can be specified using the templates functionality to support consistent handling of frequently occuring situations.


Certain types of Service Requests (request for a standard HW, an installation of approved SW, etc.) must be approved finacially (e.g. requesters manager confirms that the cost can be allocated from his budget).

Approval can be realized in two ways in Alvao Service Desk: by an e-mail statement of approver, and more formally – by the Have approved functionality. Using the approval agenda we can predefine various Approval schemes for various services. Approval scheme is activated at the start of the process, and until the request is approved, the solution does not start and the solver team does not see it in "Requests to be resolved". Of course, during solution of the request, when new circumstances are found, the approval can be induced anytime on any approval scheme.

Service Request recommended attributes

The following table presents the recommended set of attributes for managing workflow of Service Requests.

Attribute name Attribute type Mandatory for statuses

Call-back method

List of values

Request closure category

List of values


Service Request sample workflow

This is the default process sample which the customer can further edit according to his own needs.

Status Description Instructions for solver


Pending approval for request.

Make sure that this is a "Service Request". If it is not the case, click on "Move to another service" to move the request to the correct service.
Make sure that the request has been approved. If it has been rejected, click on "Close" to close the request.
Specify the solution priority.
Then use "Assign to solver" to hand the request over to a specific solver.


Pending implementing request.

Implement the request.
Save all changes to the configuration database.
Click on "Resolve" to resolve the request.

Resolved The request has been resolved.


The request fulfilment process has been finished. The request is closed.


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