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Software Asset Management

Topics associated with the license transparency is covered by a section of the ALVAO Asset Management product documentation called Software Management.

Example of internal guideline

Internal guideline regarding this issue should contain the following information:

Software and Licenses

  1. IT device users must not use software in any manner that would be in breach of the license terms and conditions (e.g. install illegal software, make copies, distribute or make alterations to the software).
  2. Each computer has its own software administrator who is responsible for the legality of software installed in this computer. If a computer user (i.e. a user to whom this computer has been assigned) has software installation rights on this computer, this user is the software administrator for this computer. In any other cases, the software administrator is an authorized employee of the internal IT Department.
  3. Software licenses are registered in the ALVAO Asset Management internal system. The management of the licenses is provided by the internal IT Department.
  4. The software installed in corporate computers is checked at least annually.
  5. If this check reveals severe breach of the license terms and conditions, ALVAO Asset Management will immediately prompt the software administrator of the respective computer to take all necessary steps to remedy this situation. Once the problem has been removed, the software administrator can check the results of the previous inspection on https://server/asset.
  6. If a problem has been detected with licenses on a certain computer, the inspection will be performed daily. This action is fully automatic. After one month, a status check will be performed automatically. If the license problem is not removed by this time, ALVAO Asset Management will send another prompt to the computer software administrator. A copy of this second prompt is sent to the direct manager of the software administrator. It is also saved to the internal Service Desk as a to-do item.


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