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Release Notes

ALVAO 10.2

Prior to upgrading to a new version, read the Important Warnings. The list of news and changes in the new version is located on the New functionalities and changes page. The list of released updates is available on the Updates released page.

Abbreviations used

Abbreviation Meaning
Admin the ALVAO Admin application
AM the ALVAO Asset Management product
AM Agent the Asset Management Agent application
AM Collector, Collector the Asset Management Collector application
AM Console the Asset Management Console application
AM WS the Asset Management WebService application
MR, MailboxReader the Service Desk Mailbox Reader application
OA the ALVAO Outlook Add-in module
SD the ALVAO Service Desk product
SD Console the Service Desk Console application
SD WS the Service Desk WebService application
WA, WebApp the ALVAO WebApp application

Record marking conventions

The records in chapters Important Warnings, New functionalities and changes, Removed problems and Known problems have the following form:

<product abbreviation> <application> <functionality> <change description>

In addition to that, there is usually a repair or change identifier such as T11111ALVAO at the beginning or end of each record. 


  • SD WebApp – Requests – Edit – description of functionality. (T11111ALVAO)
    • The modification relates to the ALVAO WebApp application within the ALVAO Service Desk product.
  • AM Admin – Settings – Detection – Set – description of functionality. (T22222ALVAO)
    • The modification relates to the ALVAO Admin application within the ALVAO Asset Management product.


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