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ALVAO Server – Manual Upgrade

This chapter describes the procedure for manual upgrade of ALVAO server-based applications. Manual upgrade is used for non-standard installations and for upgrades from ALVAO 7.1 and older. If you are upgrading a typical ALVAO Server installation, we recommend that you use ALVAO Server Setup: refer to Upgrade from Previous Versions for more information on this standard procedure.

Database Upgrade

Before you upgrade the database, create a backup copy of the existing database and installation (refer to Upgrade from Previous Versions for more information).
ALVAO applications database upgrade can be performed only by users with sysadmin or db_owner rights.
  1. Stop all ALVAO server applications and make sure that all clients are disconnected from the database.
  2. Install the new AlvaoAdmin.msi package on your server for the new version of ALVAO Admin application.
  3. Run ALVAO Admin (file Admin.exe) and connect to the ALVAO database.
  4. When prompted by ALVAO Admin, confirm the database upgrade.
The current activation key is authenticated over the Internet when upgrading the database.

Upgrade of Server Applications

  1. Install the MSI packages of the new server applications on your server. A typical installation includes the following packages:
    • ALVAO Asset Management
      • AlvaoAssetCollector.msi – Once the upgrade is completed, you will have to set up the account running the service to an account with Domain Admins permissions.
      • AlvaoWebApp.msi
      • AlvaoAssetWebService.msi
      • AlvaoServiceDeskMailboxReader.msi – This package is needed to send automatic notifications of missing licenses
    • ALVAO Service Desk
      • AlvaoServiceDeskMailboxReader.msi
      • AlvaoWebApp.msi
      • AlvaoServiceDeskWebService.msi
    • ALVAO Monitoring
      • AlvaoMonitoringServer.msi
      • AlvaoAssetCollector.msi
      • AlvaoMonitoringPortal.msi
      • AlvaoMonitoringWebService.msi
      • AssetCollector.msi
  2. Make sure that all ALVAO server services are running. If they are not, start them.
  3. Continue the procedure specified in Upgrade from Previous Versions, starting behind the ALVAO Server chapter.
If you are installing the Asset Management and also Service Desk, run the Alvao WebApp installation only once.


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