Supported languages

Common to all ALVAO products

ALVAO products are localized in the following languages:

Language Alvao system language
(database, system items, ...)
Application user interface
(command menus, dialogs, ...)
User documentation
(machine translation)
Hungarian unsupported;
we recommend using English
(machine translation)
(machine translation)
(machine translation)
(WebApp only)
English is used

When implementing, you need to select the Alvao system language. This language is then used to display system values in applications, such as object property names, system object names in the tree, system process names, etc. A given implementation must have exactly one Alvao system language. For information about using Alvao in a multi-language environment, see Multilingual environment.

Application user interfaces, such as command menus, dialog items, etc., are dynamically displayed in the user's preferred language. independent of the selected Alvao system language. The preferred language can be set by each user in ALVAO WebApp - User Menu - Settings- Language and Time Zone, or the user's preferred language can be set by the system administrator in ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Users - Edit. If the user's preferred language is not supported, the user interface is displayed in English.

Some diagnostic logs are in English only.
Data, such as object names or request names, are not translated and are displayed in the language in which they were entered.

Preferred languages

Select the languages you want to offer users to select their preferred language as follows:

  1. In WebApp - Administration, select the Manage section. Settings - Languages.
  2. Use the Add Language command and select the language you want to add to the preferred languages list from the list of languages.
  3. Press the Save button.

Specific to ALVAO Asset Management

  • Data analysis is in English and Czech only.
  • Press reports are also in Slovak.


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