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Home page

On this page, applicants can search for information in Alvao and submit new requests.


  • What can we help you with? - enter the text by which you want to search for information in the following agendas:
    • Current news - search the title and text of the message.
    • Knowledge Base Articles - search for the title, annotation, article text and attachment titles.
    • Your requests (i.e. requests of which you are the requester) - the title of the request is searched.
    • Services - the service name (including the path in the tree) and keywords are searched. Click on the found service to submit a new request.
  • Links - below the search box are tiles that represent useful links to the most used services in the service catalog or other sites.
     These links are defined by the Alvao administrator on the Administration - Service Desk - Services.
  • Current news - a preview of current reports issued by service teams. Messages you have already read are shown in grey.
  • My Requests - requests you have created.
  • Knowledge - knowledge that could help you solve problems.
  • My assets - insight into the assets entrusted to your use or for which you are responsible.
This page is only available when the ALVAO Service Desk product is activated.


Did not find what you were looking for? Ask our technical support team.