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On this page you can see a summary of all the events in the request logs (see the Request - Communications tab) that you have created today. To view older events or events created by other users, create new views in the table.

The page is only displayed to members of the service's solution teams.


  • Command Panel
    • New request - create a new request
    • Edit - edit selected event
    • Reply - send an email message in response to the selected event in the table
      • Forward - forward the selected event by email
    • ...
      • Delete - delete the selected event. The event will no longer be displayed normally, but will remain stored in the database. Use the command in the view menu - View Options - View Deleted to view the deleted events in a table.
    • Request tag of the selected event - menu of the request commands in whose log the selected event is stored.
  • Event Table - the table displays all events from all requests that you have the right to see. You can customize the table as needed.

    The table shows activities created in the last 3 months. Older activities are automatically moved to the archive. You can view the archive by using the command in the view menu - View Options - View Archive.
  • Selected Event - select an event in the table and the selected event will be displayed in the right part of the page.


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