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Important notices

ALVAO 11.1

This page provides warnings about changes in the new version of the product that may cause problems when upgrading from the previous version or when running the new version. Please read this information carefully before upgrading to the new version.

It is also recommended that you read the list of subsequently identified issues in the released versions and their solutions, see Known issues.

Core features

  • Connections to the Alvao database are encrypted by default now. Ensure you have properly installed a trusted certificate on your server. If you don't want to use encrypted connections, add the "TrustServerCertificate=True" parameter to your connection strings.
  • The ALVAO MailboxReader server component has been renamed to Alvao Service. (T116318ALVAO)
  • Security logs - the security log records are no longer stored in the ALVAO Audit Windows Event Log but in two separate new logs: AlvaoUserLogin and AlvaoSecurityChanges. For more information see the Settings change log. (T130085ALVAO)
  • Disabled user accounts don’t receive any request e-mail notifications and any e-mail alerts (on SLA deadlines, News, SAM issues, etc.) anymore. (T35075ALVAO)
  • People with disabled user accounts can’t be searched and don’t show on the My team page anymore. (T46819ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is now required for functionality of AM console.
  • AM Console – direct connection to the Alvao database is no longer supported. Use connection through Web service instead. (T124285ALVAO)
  • The core ALVAO Collector functions are performed by the new Alvao Service. The AM Collector is not installed by default anymore. The detection methods “without Agent” and “agent over TCP/IP” are deprecated and will be removed in the next version of ALVAO products. To use these methods, manually install the AM Collector and enable the detection settings in Administration – Asset Management Servers (deprecated). In a SaaS environment, only detections with agents are supported. (T128616ALVAO)
  • Hardware detection does not create nor update computer components (except monitors). (T128269ALVAO)
  • The system object kind Loaded objects has been renamed to Imported objects. (T128357ALVAO)
  • The system property definition Total hard disk capacity (GB) has been renamed to Total storage capacity (GB). (T128357ALVAO)
  • The WinPrefetchView utility has been removed from the AM Agent installer. This is because the utility was causing false reports from some antivirus software. If you monitor software usage on your computers using Alvao, you need to ensure that when you upgrade Agents to a new version, the WinPrefetchView utility is also distributed to the Agent installation folder. For more information see Software usage. (T135975ALVAO)
  • AM Console - ExportUtil, ImportAD, ImportPortraitsFiles, GenerateNodeRelationshipDiagram - Utilities have been moved to the ImportUtilities folder. (T138988ALVAO)
  • Administration – Settings – Configuration check – added warning on exceeding the number of objects enabled by the activation key. The warning shows up also after starting the AM Console. (T132314ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk

  • Administration – Service Desk – Services – SLA – the option to deny users access to an SLA has been removed. All records denying an SLA access in service settings will be ignored after the upgrade. Before upgrading, check the use of the retired option with the SQL script. (T116209ALVAO)
  • Administration – Processes – Process – Request items – Add – the option On the New Request Form (for main solvers), place the item into the Other Items section was removed. All items that are not explicitly placed on a New Request Form are shown in the Other items section. (T101472ALVAO)
  • Main page – the default background image is changed. (T123773ALVAO)

ALVAO for Outlook

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is now required for the desktop add-in installation.
  • Variable name used for bulk installation using the Active Directory Group Policy has changed, see Installation. (T124394ALVAO)
  • In case you manually upgrade from the previous versions, don’t upgrade ALVAO REST API (AlvaoRestApi.msi) but first uninstall the old version and then install the new version for the correct setup of the new AlvaoRestApiWinAuth application in IIS. (T124399ALVAO).
  • Settings – the field Service Desk Web Service URL is replaced by the field Alvao domain name (or REST API url). The current SD WS URL is automatically transformed into a REST API url. In case of any problems please check ALVAO for Outlook - Installation. (T130399ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk/Asset Management Custom Apps


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