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Languages and time zone

On this page, you can specify which languages users can choose their preferred language from, and in which time zone they want to see time data by default. In a multi-language environment, you can translate some settings items into other languages here.


  • Command Panel
    • Download translation workbook - download an MS Excel file with phrases for translation when used in a multi-language environment.
    • Upload translations - upload the translated file to Alvao.
  • Alvao System Language - basic Alvao system language. This language must be selected during the initial installation of Alvao and cannot be changed later.
  • Additional Languages in the Preferred Language Selection Menu - a list of additional languages that are displayed to users in the menu for selecting their preferred language, and into which you may want to translate some setting items.
    • Add language - add another language to the list.
  • Default time zone - the default time zone in which time data is displayed to users in the application.
    • Edit - change the time zone.
    Alternatively, each user can select their time zone. Also, each service in the service catalog can have its time zone set.


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