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Use this form to send an email message regarding the selected request. The message will be sent from the request service email address and will be displayed on the Communications tab.


  • Command Panel
    • Send - send a message
    • Attachment - attach an attachment to the message. This command has the same function as the Add Attachment button in the form.
    • Message - if, in the course of writing a message, you decide that you do not want to send the text you have written as a message, but just want to save it to the request log, e.g. as a note or minutes of a personal meeting, select the desired event type from this menu. This will change the form to Note.
    • Transit to status - move to another request status according to the solving process.
  • To - enter at least part of the message recipient's name, then select that recipient from the drop-down menu. You can also type the recipient's email address directly into the line.
  • Copy - in the case of a secondary recipient, enter the secondary recipient of the message.
  • Subject- check and edit the subject of the message.
  • Text- write the message. You can use the Knowledge Base button in the command bar above the input field to insert the text of some knowledge from the Knowledge Base into the message text.
  • Attachments - list of attachments to the message.
    • Add Attachment - select the file you want to add as an attachment. You can also attach files by dragging and dropping them into the form.
  • Display to requester - turn on if you want the Requester to see the message on the Communications tab of the selected request.
  • Wait for response - turn on if you want to count the time between sending the message and receiving a response from the requester as waiting for the requester. Time is only counted in the waiting for a requester if the message is addressed to the requester.
  • Important - enable this option if there is an important event, such as a request being submitted or clarified. On the Communications tab, the event will be highlighted with a blue flag symbol.
  • Request solution - enable this option if the event contains a description of how to resolve the request. On the Communications tab, the event will be highlighted with a green flag symbol.
  • Cost Report - if applicable, show the work time spent resolving the request.


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