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New linked request

The form contains the same items as New request.

When opening a form, for example using a custom command, you can select the type of link and service that will be pre-populated on the form by entering the following parameters in the url:
  • relCompositeId - this number represents the link type to be pre-populated on the form. The parameter value is obtained by adding the two parts. The upper 16 bits are used for the id of the link type from the TicketRelationType table, and the lower 16 bits contain the number 1 or 2, which determines which side of the request is in the link.

    Link Type RelCompositedId
    Related to 65637
    It is superior to 131073
    Precedes 196609
    Blocking 262145
    Is duplicated 327681
    It is subordinate to 131074
    Follows 196610
    Is blocked 262146
    Duplicates 327682

  • sectionId - the id of the service (tHdSection.iHdSectionId) to be pre-populated on the form.


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