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Transit to status

Use this form to move the selected request to a specific status in the solving process. The specific content of the form depends on the system settings and some fields may not be displayed in certain situations.


  • Comment for requesters - write a message for requester that will be sent to them in an email notification of a change in the status of the request.
    This field is only displayed if a status change notification is to be sent to the requester during the status transition and the Requester Status Change Notification Template has a variable [$CommentForRequester$] representing a comment to the requester.
  • Attachments - a list of attachments for the comment for the requester
    • Add attachment - select the file to attach as an attachment.
  • Preview of notifications to requester about the change of status - preview the resulting notification that the applicant will receive.

  • Comments for approvers - write a message for approver, which will be sent to the approver, among other things, in the email notification. In the case of a multi-step approval scheme, this comment is sent to the current approvers at the beginning of each step. This field is only displayed on the form if the transition to a new status automatically triggers the approval of the request.
    This block of form only appears if the Approval message template has variable [$CommentForApprover$] representing the comment for the approver.
  • Attachments - a list of attachments for the approver comment
    • Add attachment - select the file to attach as an attachment.
  • Preview of the message for approvers - preview the resulting notification to the approvers.

  • Mandatory Items - the following are the items in the request that are required for the status that the request transitions to. Mandatory items that already have a value are also displayed on the form for checking and possibly changing values.
  • Cost Report - if applicable, show the work time spent resolving the request.

If the request is currently in the approval process, the status of the request cannot be changed


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