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This form can be used to add a new event to the Communications tab, i.e. a note, phone call minutes, minutes from a face-to-face meeting, etc.


  • Command Panel
    • OK - save event to Communications
    • tab
    • Attachment - attach an attachment. This command has the same function as the Add attachment button in the form.
    • Note/Phone call/Personal Meeting - if applicable, change the type of event you want to create. If you select the Message event type, the form will change to the Message form to send an email message.
    • Transit to status - move to another request status according to the solving process
  • Subject - enter the subject of the event.
  • Text- type more detailed information about the event.
  • Attachments - list attachments
    • Add attachment - select the file you want to attach as an attachment. You can also attach files by dragging and dropping them into the form.
  • Date and Time - edit the date and time of the event if necessary.
  • From - change the author of the event if necessary.
  • To Whom - if applicable, indicate with whom you have spoken on the phone or had face-to-face discussions.
  • Display to requester - turn on if you want the requester to see the event on the Communications tab of the selected request.
  • Waiting for requester - turn on if you want the time since the event was written to count as waiting for requester.
  • Important - enable this option when there is an important event, such as a request being submitted or refined. On the Communications tab, the event will be highlighted with a blue flag symbol.
  • Request solution - enable this option if the event contains a description of how to resolve the request. On the Communications tab, the event will be highlighted with a green flag symbol.
  • Cost Report - Alternatively, show the work time spent resolving the request.


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