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Important notices

ALVAO 11.0

This page lists warnings about changes in the new version of the product that may cause problems when upgrading from a previous version or when running the new version. Please read this information carefully before upgrading to the new version.

We also recommend that you read the list of retrospectively identified problems in released versions and their solutions, see Known Issues.

Common to all ALVAO products

  • After upgrading, check the roles of the user accounts listed below and for those that do not have the db-owner role, add a new role db-executor.
    • The account under which the ALVAO AppPool .NET 4.0 application pool runs on IIS.
    • Account under which AM Collector runs.
    • Accounts under which all scheduled jobs run for various imports, migrations, integrations, etc.
    • Accounts of all users who work in AM Console with a direct connection to the database. (T103901ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management

  • ImportUtil - the utility installation folder has been renamed from ImportUtil to ImportUtilities. (T105158ALVAO)
  • ImportLic - The utility has been moved to the ImportUtilities folder. (T105158ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Management - Asset Management - Print Report Templates - some saved templates in REP format may not work in the new version due to the outdated XSL namespace. If you are using standard (boxed) print reports, upload new versions of them to the database from the <AM Console installation folder>\<\ReportTemplates>\ReportTemplates folder on the disk. Custom REP print reports with older XSL namespace (e.g. convert to the newer XSL namespace <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">. For more detail see Upgrade from ALVAO 10.4 – manual steps. If needed, please contact ALVAO Technical Support. (T118810ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Detection Profiles - Edit - The Agent via shared folder detection method is no longer supported. Computers with this detection method will no longer be detected. If you were using this detection method, use another method, such as Autonomous Agent. (T122112ALVAO)
  • Printing - Removed support for print report templates in RP2 format. (T116037ALVAO)
  • Instead of the custom script, we recommend using the new module ALVAO Asset Management Custom Apps. The custom script will be deprecated in future versions. (T107797ALVAO)
    Applications script
  • The ALVAO Collector functionality is replaced by the new Alvao Service. The detection methods “without Agent” and “agent over TCP/IP” are deprecated and will be removed in the next version of ALVAO products. To use these methods, manually install the AM Collector and enable the detection settings in WA – Administration – Asset Management – Servers (deprecated). In SaaS environment, detections are possible only with agents. (T128616ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk

  • Solution team members can now only see their services in the application. In user menus, they only see the requesters of their services, their colleagues in their solution teams and their colleagues in their organisation. They also don't see custom fields for people and organizations. If you want to give them access to other services for creating and moving requests, assign them the Request Writer role in those services. If you want to give them access to all users and all information about people and organizations as in previous versions, add them to a new group contact readers. (T91646ALVAO)
    Request reporter
    Contact readers
  • ALVAO - The older custom application extensions that were stored in SD WS in the App_Code folder are no longer supported and the content of the folder must be deleted. Convert them to applications within the ALVAO Service Desk Custom Apps module. (T112926ALVAO)
  • Requests - the Assign to solver command has been renamed to Assign. (T90801ALVAO)
  • The Operator role of the service is renamed to Main solver. (T110967ALVAO)
    Main solver
  • Requests - the Return to Operator command is renamed to Return to main solver. (T110967ALVAO)
  • The roles of resolvers with the right to assign the request (major/minor) have been deleted. (T110967ALVAO)
  • The ability to revoke permissions in the service has been removed. (T110967ALVAO)
  • Administration - Services - Edit - Message loading - Exchange Web Service - Login - Basic authentication - User name - after the upgrade, messages will not be loaded from the default mailbox of the specified user, but from the mailbox of the service, see General - Email. If these are different mailboxes and you want to continue retrieving messages from that user's default mailbox, add a backslash and the email address of their default mailbox to the User Name field at the end, i.e., probably their email address again. (T116409ALVAO)
  • Service Desk WebService - for security reasons, SD WS no longer displays a complete list of all its methods in the web browser (at SD WS), but an error page. If necessary, you can turn on the display of the method list by enabling the WSDL file.
  • Administration – Processes – Process – Request items – Add – the option On the New Request Form (for main solvers), place the item into the Other Items section was removed. All items that are not explicitly placed on a New Request Form are shown in the Other items section. (T101472ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk/Asset Management Custom Apps

ALVAO Attendance

  • Module has been cancelled. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact ALVAO technical support. (T123859ALVAO)

ALVAO Employee Management


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