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New features and changes

ALVAO 11.0

This page lists all the new features and changes that have been programmed into ALVAO 11.0.

Common to all ALVAO products

Power BI

  • Power BI report templates - the new Alvao Analysis report includes a set of pages with basic reports on services, requirements and objects in Alvao. (T112248ALVAO)
  • Power BI last week
    Power BI overview
    Power BI survey

WebApp - Spreadsheets

  • On pages whose main content is a table (Requests, Administration - Users, etc.), in the upper right corner you will find information about the total number of items (rows) of the table, or the number of items currently selected. (T68339ALVAO)
    Selected items
  • View - On mobile devices, open the command menu to edit the current view by clicking the gear icon to the right of the view name. The drop-down menu directly on the view name contains only a menu of other views. (T105918ALVAO)
    Pinion icon
  • After scrolling the page to the end of the table, an informational message is displayed below the last row so far while loading the next rows. (T112288ALVAO)

WebApp - Person

  • The new Assets tab displays the assets for which the person is responsible. (T53170ALVAO)
  • The new Subordinates tab shows the person's subordinates. (T53170ALVAO)
  • General - The tab displays the Subordinate entry, which you can use to click through to the person's supervisor page. (T53170ALVAO)
    Detail - manager

WebApp - Administration

  • Users/Groups - group members Settings managers can now set user and group memberships except for Administrators (even indirectly). Users and groups that are members of the Administrators group can now only be edited by members of the Administrators group. (T116084ALVAO)
  • Settings - The existing Service Desk WebService section has been replaced with a new Web-services section, where you can now also set the ALVAO Asset Management WebService address. (T111825ALVAO)
    Web services
  • Settings - Language and time-zone - In settings, you can change the time zone in which time data is displayed to users by default. (T121541ALVAO)
  • Custom fields - New custom field/Edit - added check for uniqueness of name of custom item. The item must not have the same name as any existing column in the corresponding reporting views. (T115437ALVAO)
  • All icons of the commands are now vector-based and thus display in high quality even at different resolutions. (T112118ALVAO)


  • The ALVAO Server Setup installer also installs the new web service ALVAO REST API. (T112224ALVAO)
  • Users from Azure Active Directory are now imported into Alvao via the SCIM protocol. (T108030ALVAO)
  • Added a new system group contact readers. Group members can search for all people and organizations registered in Alvao and read their own entries as well. (T91646ALVAO)
  • The _system user account, which appears in the request and object logs as the author of some events, has been renamed to Alvao System. (T119814ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Forms - All drop-down menu input fields visually indicate the ongoing loading of drop-down menu content. (T112289ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management


  • WebApp - Objects - added Print command to print handover protocols and other print reports, which was previously only available in AM Console. The new command uses the same print report templates as AM Console, including your own templates. Unlike AM Console, WebApp does not support javascript in print reports. (T100292ALVAO)
  • Print - added new HTML print report templates format, which is simpler than the existing REP format. You can easily create and edit new templates in any HTML editor. (T116037ALVAO)

Object Properties

  • AM Console - Property Definitions - value-check - on this new tab, you can specify that it is mandatory property, i.e. that the object properties must have a value filled in. (T105163ALVAO)
  • Properties Properties tab - an exclamation point is displayed for mandatory properties that do not have a filled value. (T105165ALVAO)
    Object value
  •  WebApp - Objects - Table, or AM Console - tab Assigned Objects - new system column Warning shows an exclamation point if the object does not have all mandatory properties filled in. (T116276ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Objects - Object - Properties - edit property value - UX improved. When editing the value of a property of type Text, the original value is not displayed as if it were a single uneditable item that can only be deleted in its entirety, but as text in a regular text input field. (T119012ALVAO)
    Object value


  • If you don't necessarily need to identify computers by serial numbers of their hw components (hard disk, network card, motherboard), we recommend to simplify the registration and do not list the hw components of the computers in the object tree. First, on the WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings page - Identify computers turn off component-based identification. We recommend that you normally only use identification by network name and possibly BIOS serial number. Then in the object tree, remove all objects representing computer components that you can view, e.g. on the Child objects tab by setting a filter in the Parent object kind column. Also remove the components from the object templates, or move them from computer type objects to another folder in the templates. On the Basket object, use the Dump Trash command to free up space in the database. Finally, recalculate the statistics on the WebApp - Administration - Database maintenance - Optimize Performance.(T118986ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Objects - Object - added a Assigned objects tab. (T118985ALVAO)
    Child objects
  • AM Console - Objects - The Objects tab has been renamed to Child Objects. (T118985ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Objects - Tree/Table - Instead of the object tree on the left side of the page, you can view objects in a table that you can customize. (T101232ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Objects - Object - Use the View tree (<) command to additionally view the object tree on the left side of the page. (T118558ALVAO)
    Display tree
  • WebApp - Objects - added New Object command - Read CSV to bulk create new objects from a CSV file. (T115954ALVAO)
    load CSV
  • The ImportUtil utility includes a new -parentnodeid parameter for learning the folder in which new objects will be created. (T107679ALVAO)

Installation, upgrade

  • AM Console - on startup, automatically checks for updates and offers the user the installation package of the new version if necessary. To install a new version, the user needs Administrator permissions on their computer. (T111825ALVAO)
  • AM Agent - After the Agent upgrade, the Agent on the computers will no longer update automatically according to the installed version of Alvao Server (AM WS). (T116273ALVAO)
  • WebApp - User Menu - Settings - Uninstall applications - On this new page you can download the AM Console and AM Agent installation packages for your installed version of Alvao. (T100163ALVAO)
    Install applications


  • WebApp - Objects - Search - found objects are always displayed in the object tree and never as a separate object (see page Object). (T119063ALVAO)


  • License Auditing - ImportLic - added the ability to assign, or remove, licenses to users. (T105158ALVAO)


  • AM Console - Tools - Lists - Icons - moved icon management to WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Object Icons. In the new agenda, you can also directly upload vector icons in SVG format to Alvao for displaying objects in the WebApp. (T108774ALVAO)
    Icon edit
  • AM WebApp - My entrusted assets - With the new Table and Tiles commands, you can now change the asset display mode directly on the page. In Settings - View, the asset view mode selection has been removed. You can now also view other object properties in the asset table. (T96927ALVAO)
    Assets tiles-table
  • AM - HW Detection - now also detects TPM chip details. You can view this information by running anSQL query. (T123233ALVAO)
  • Reporting Views - New view Query.ObjectPersonRead. (T122352ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings - Computer Identification - individual options for identify computers by their hw components are only displayed on the page if the template default type object type for computers contains the component (Hard Disk, Motherboard, Network Card). The option to identify computers by monitor serial number has been removed. (T118986ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk

Requirements table

  • Requests - each user can mark requests with colored tags, see the Requests - column Tag. (T106253ALVAO)
  • Requests - when displaying requests in tiles mode, the view menu is now permanently displayed in the vertical bar to the left of the tile list. (T105918ALVAO)
    Left panel
  • Requests - you can now place the overlay panel with the currently selected request at the bottom of the page, see User menu - Settings - View Requests - Selected request view - Bottom. (T120876ALVAO)
    Request bottom view

Communications in request

  • WebApp - Request - Click on a person's portrait or name in the request header or record headers on the Communications tab to view details about that person. (T120598ALVAO)
    User detail


  • Requests - Assign (formerly Submit to solver) - you can split large teams of service solvers into solver groups. Then you don't have to pass requests directly to specific solvers, but to entire groups, with the group members determining which of them will solve the request. You can define solver groups in service permissions, see Add permission - Solver Group option. (T90801ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Administration - Service Desk - Processes - Resolution Process - Status - added a new option Assign the request to the solver group when moving to this state. (T118947ALVAO)
  • Request - Assign - if the new resolver is a member of just one service resolution group (for the requestor), the request is automatically forwarded to that resolution group as well. (T124070ALVAO)
  • Request - Assign/Move to another service - Resolver - The Show exceptional resolvers option below the input field has been deselected. Exceptional solvers can now be selected directly from the drop-down menu. You can also submit a request to an exceptional solver using New request and in Request Templates - New template and Edit respectively. (T121458ALVAO)
    Assign exceptional solver
  • Approval - if a request rejection results in a resolved request, requestors are no longer sent a system rejection notification. You can embed the approval result information in the requesters own request resolution notification, see the variable approval result. (T62729ALVAO)
  • Request - The Main Solver (formerly Operator) can be passed a request and take it on itself for resolution. (T110967ALVAO)
  • Request - The Solver can resolve or reopen a request from another solver or a request without a solver. (T110967ALVAO)
  • Request - Assign - With the new Submit to the request queue without a solver option, you can now return a request to the main solver of the service for resolution. The Return to Main solver command now opens a pre-populated Forward command form. (T121303ALVAO)

Request Submission Form


  • Service - Permissions - added new role Requests reporter. The Request Writer can create new requests on behalf of requesters in a given service. If he/she is also a member of the resolution teams of other services, he/she can also move existing requests from those services to this service. (T91646ALVAO)
    Request reporter
  • Added a new system group Knowledge Base Root Administrators. Group members can manage articles in the knowledge base that are not assigned to any service. (T91646ALVAO)
  • Service Desk - Services - Edit - Extended - by disabling the new Managers can see their subordinates' requests option, you can hide the requests of their subordinates from supervisors and use the service to handle confidential matters, for example. (T121301ALVAO)
  • Settings - Settings check - if a license is exceeded, every time the page is viewed, an update of the license-exhaustion information is automatically triggered. (T121542ALVAO)
  • Services - Edit - Message loading - Exchange Web Service - Login - Basic authentication - Username - Added support for loading messages from shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365. (T116409ALVAO)
  • Service Desk - Settings - Exchange - the connection to resolver calendars is no longer used and has been deprecated. (T115383ALVAO)


  • WebApp - Current News - Edit - The new Show to Requesters option allows you to show or hide a given message to service requesters. The message is always shown to members of the service's solution teams. (T100181ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Current News - Edit - The service selection table has been moved from the form to a modal window. (T100181ALVAO)
  • View for reporting - new view Query.RequestPersonRead. (T122352ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Updated the look of the main page. (T119813ALVAO)
  • WebApp - Insider Preview - added new functionality.
  • WebApp - Monthly Service Billing - functionality has been removed. (T115621ALVAO)

ALVAO Advanced Workflow

  • The new module ALVAO Advanced Workflows can automatically create linked (e.g. child) requests when a new request is created or when a request transitions to a certain state. (T112332ALVAO)
    Advanced workflows
  • WebApp - Administration - Services - Export/Import - with the service catalog, the rules for automatic request creation are also transferred as part of the process settings. (T117891ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management Custom Apps

ALVAO Asset Management Enterprise API

ALVAO Azure DevOps Connector

ALVAO Configuration Management

  • WebApp - Objects - Link Diagram - In the diagram you can add, edit and remove links between objects. (T100248ALVAO)
    Diagram of links
  • Thanks to the new functionality Object Health, you can see whether a device is currently fully functional or partially or completely non-functional. (T111184ALVAO)
    Object health
  • AM - Objects - Links - via the ALVAO REST API you can now read, create and remove links between objects. (T111188ALVAO)

ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms

  • Handover forms can now also be signed with an electronic pen on a tablet or computer touchscreen. (T118568ALVAO)
    Handover protocol
  • AM WebApp - User Menu - My Documents - In addition to the handover protocols for receiving property, you will now also find protocols for returning or handing over property to someone else on the page. (T111180ALVAO)

ALVAO Inventory Audits

ALVAO Mobile Inventory

ALVAO Service Desk Custom Apps

ALVAO Service Desk Enterprise API

ALVAO Web-based Assigned Asset Check


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