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Known Issues

This page lists known issues with the product in the selected release and how to resolve them. For a full list of issues that have already been fixed, see the Release notes - Released updates page.

Critical issues

There are no known issues.

Critical issue definition: A problem that makes the product impossible to use, i.e.: a) the "crashing" of the entire system or an important part of it during normal use; b) the loss or corruption of data during normal use.

Medium issues

IssueFix planned for release
SD - Request Tables - Views - the displayed custom columns of users, organizations, services, and SLAs can disappear from the view (T106198ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - New user gets error "500 - Data at the root level is invalid." when viewing grids (T129246ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console/WA - Print - print preview ends with error: FOR XML could not serialize the data (T132269ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Startup error after upgrading from previous versions - "The procedure entry point [...] could not be located in the dynamic link library [...].dll." (T132274ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Tickets - Bulk selection - Commands open a blank window in Firefox (T133960ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - SLA Alerts - When missing, the default SLA Alerts are created by every database upgrade (T134614ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA - Objects - Loading the object detail takes a long time (T138221ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Detections take a long time, manual detections are not processed immediately (T138421ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Request - Running approval process has no approvers (T138794ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AAD User provisioning (SCIM) - Username and email change - attributes are not updated in AM user object (T138852ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Tables with objects - columns with properties of type "date" can also display the time (T139435ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Moving objects (bulk) - a "String or binary data would be truncated" error is displayed (T139642ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Custom forms - Advanced Workflows - Solver group defined on the first status of the process is not assigned (T140712ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - User - Settings - Out of office - My substitute - The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property (T140714ALVAO)   11.1/FIX1 (2023-05-04)
AM - Detection - the computer is not detected, the detection status is still "no response to date" (T140743ALVAO)   11.1/FIX1 (2023-05-04)
SD - Alvao Audit Log - Log does not contain information about group or user when changing service permissions or SLA (T142571ALVAO)   11.1/FIX1 (2023-05-04)
AM Console - Software - License - Cover by license... - the dialog for selecting a computer/user does not respect the objects security (T142114ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
AM - ImportUtil / WA - Load CSV - when keyfield NodeId is used could ends with error "input string was not in a correct format" (T142244ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
Alvao - ImportAD - sometimes import from domain via SSL port (636) does not work (T142261ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
AM Console - automatic update does not work (T142535ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
AM - ImportLic - does not import the licence (T142779ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
AM Custom Apps: WA - Error 500: SD or AM Custom Apps module is not activated. (T144170ALVAO)   11.1/RTM (2023-04-13)
AM - Software - the licence per user does not cover the package components (T143889ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
SD - Requests - SLA alerts for solver group are sent to every member of every solver group within the service (T140820ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
REST API - Error 500 - The remote name could not be resolved: '' (T143132ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
AM - Console/WA - Objects/Child objects - when deleting objects, error "you don't have sufficient permission for the move" is shown (T142345ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
SD - Request - New event in request log - Reopen - E-mail message created before request resolving will erroneously reopen this request (T142931ALVAO)   11.2
Database upgrade takes a long time (T103405ALVAO)   -

Definition of a medium issue: A problem limiting the use of the product, i.e.: (a) significant problems in use that are surmountable by an alternative problem-solving procedure; (b) a part of the product deviates significantly from the specification in the documentation.

Minor issues

IssueFix planned for release
SD - New request - Custom form - data field added via DateTimeField behaves unexpectedly (T124076ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Searching in Object tree sometimes doesn't work (T124082ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Requests displayed multiple times in table (T125084ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Request - Communication - Links with target _blank does not open new tab or window (T125344ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Requests - Detailed log - Wrong order of notification of created request (T126230ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Print - By an electronic pen - Date in protocol is not filled in (T128411ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Request - Reopen by requester through an e-mail - Doesn't work when the requester is also member of solver team (T128503ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Request - Approving won't start when the request would be approved automatically by the requester (T129042ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Requests - New request - Selecting a service may leads to expanding the Assign section (T129185ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Request templates - SLA disappears from template and scheduled requests are not created if the SLA is removed from the service (T129196ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Requests - Reply to requester - doesn't work with Host requester (T129215ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Requests - Approving - When using Message for requester variable multiple times, only the first message is inserted (T129235ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - ExportUtil - error (Incorect syntax near the keyword 'from'), when only system columns (with @) are defined (T130229ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Request templates - Field service - Can't search by service key words (T131039ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA: Requests - Assign to me - Main solver can't take more than 1 request at the time (T131217ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
OA/MR - Load message to existing request - if list (MsoListParagraph style) is included, it is possible to lost some data (T131416ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Custom Notifications - Custom DateTime fields are displayed in default SQL format (mon dd yyyy hh:mi[AM|PM]) (T131475ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Import SCIM (AAD) - Folder "Objects loaded from Active Directory" is multiplied (T131609ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
Database is not created with default server collation but with Czech_CI_AS (T131673ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - New request - User with only the main solver role on the service – Assign to me checkbox is disabled (T132067ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - in some cases, value in the tblNode.txtPath column is not computed after the object name changed (T132084ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Main page - Search - Knowledge order does not respect the Display order item (T132188ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD: New (linked) request form - If the user selects a service where he has no solver permission (he is only a requester), he can choose SLA and assign the request to the solver (T132232ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Request - Requester that is also Subscriber can't use Unfollow request command (T132282ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - SK database - Requests - First response notification not sent (T132400ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Child objects / Found objects / List of objects - moving computers with computer sets ends with error "Violation of primary key constraint PK__ftComma..." (T132439ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Requests - New request - Displays message "Leave site?" when clicking on the attachment link (T132668ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Objects tree - New request - Only the highest parent is linked (T132689ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Views - Share - Can't be used with only the Asset Management license key (T132739ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Tools - Lists - Definition of properties... - option "selection only" could be enabled even if "Use the list of another property" is disabled (T132925ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA - My documents - A file with special characters in the name cannot be downloaded (T133006ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Ticket - Email/note - Paste link from clipboard - & is replaced by & and link does not work (T133374ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA: Print - Print document - Wrong transfer date for internal protocols (T133502ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Object tree - Slow searching (T134030ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Software - License - Cover by license... / Special instalation... - "note" field doesn't accept ENTER (T134033ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Overview od licenses and instalations - licenses assigned to computers in " discarded assets" or in the "recycle bin" do not appear in the bottom table (T134049ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Objects - Tree - New object - inconsistency in security between AM Console and WA (T134067ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Database - Stored procedures spMoveNode/spMoveNodes - can't be called under Alvao system user id - permission denied (T134073ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Select service field - Current service is not selected in the tree (T134123ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Advanced Workflows - Automatic request creation is skipped if defined on status New when Switch to this status automatically following the first assignment to solver choice is active (T134165ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
Alvao.API Class Library - Database.WriteColumn - incompatibilities with version 10.4 (T134446ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - New request from service catalogue - SLA on the form - Hint for SLA is not updated after SLA change (T134547ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Configuration Management - shows the assets in the recycle bin in the menus and also in the link diagram (T134580ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - Knowledge base - editing a knowledge also changes the date of its creation (T134780ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Custom notifications - variable [$TicketInfo$] - empty information in the e-mail body (T134799ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Objects - Properties - offers values from object templates (T134855ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
ALVAO WA: Service/Object tree - Large number of nodes on one level - Error 500 (Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON) can be shown (T134881ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - shows error "InvalidExpiredRefreshToken" (T135008ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA: Configuration management - Diagram of links - if there are two or more links between objects, only one may be drawn (T135081ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD WA - New linked request form - The link cannot be created to the original request when using custom URL form for the service (T135319ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA - Objects - Import CSV - value with more than 255 characters - Error: String or binary data would be truncated (T135551ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
Request - Approval - Custom message template for approvers - no replacement of the OriginalMessageAttachmentList mark (T135737ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
Request created from request template is not automatically assigned to exceptional solver (T135806ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Requests - Multiple action - Not all selected requests are processed (T135813ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Current news - the order of news is different on the Current news page and the Main page (T135863ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - New linked request - Copy values - Objects from the source request are not copied (T135963ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA - My assets - The user has no assets (T136001ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD Custom Apps - New request - OnTicketChanged is invoked (T136019ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
WA - Administration - Service - Notification settings - If choice Send a custom notification is selected and checkbox for that notification is turned of - system still sends custom notification that can have empty subject and message body (T136065ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Overview of licences and instalations - basic views of the top table do not show the Installations column (T136219ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Request templates - Subquery returned more than 1 value (T136385ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Administration - SLA - Changing SLA will not recompute request deadline (T136432ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Login via Azure Active Directory - unclear error InsufficientPermissionToLogIn is shown (T136569ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM WA - Object detail - Documents - Cannot show a document that was created via URL link in AM console (T136575ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM - Objects - Recycle bin - emptying the bin takes a long time (T138217ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Request - Approval event - the read/unread flag setting is not working (T138325ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
OA/Mobile device - Request - Detail - Links/Objects/Approval tab - Table/Tiles can be loaded only once after refreshing the page (T138832ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
SD - Ticket link in act does not use WA URL set in Alvao WebApp settings (T138933ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
500 error "Status of the request cannot be changed because the request is under approval" after the creation of a request with assign to the solver (T139022ALVAO)   11.1 (2023-04-13)
AM Console - Software - when removing the OEM license, the error "Either BOF or EOF is True or the current record has been deleted" (T140931ALVAO)   11.1/FIX1 (2023-05-04)
Alvao Analysis Power BI Report - First response fulfillment - Alvao System is incorrectly listed as first response author (T142336ALVAO)   11.1/FIX1 (2023-05-04)
AM - ImportAD - Objects - Properties - attribute values of Integer8 type (timestamp) are imported as "System.__ComObject" (T140545ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
Periodic alerts - Alert returning no rows is evaluated every 15 minutes (T143350ALVAO)   11.1/FIX2 (2023-06-01)
AM WA - Objects - Print - Person handing over/Recipient - Recipient's Location is used for both users when generated (T144011ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
AM Console - if AAD authentication is used, MS Defender may block AzureLogin.module due to missing digital signature (T144248ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
Requests - Slow loading (T134025ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
AM/SD - New request - Objects field - doesn't display the assets of subordinates (T143958ALVAO)   11.2
SD - Request - Reopen - Any host can reopen request created by other hosts (T142929ALVAO)   11.2
The fourth level of numbered list in email from Outlook is badly formatted (T135565ALVAO)   -
OA - Delayed sending of emails - When reading the "Outbox" folder, OA reads the message and stops sending it (T111893ALVAO)   -
OA - Content is rendered outside the taskbar (T115357ALVAO)   -
WA - Tables - Views - Duplication of views and other unwanted behavior may occur (T121220ALVAO)   -
SD WA - Communication - Some uploaded images are rotated differently than the originals (T91892ALVAO)   -

Definition of minor issue: A problem that does not restrict operation but complicates the procedures for working with the product, i.e. a mismatch of controls or outputs with the behavior described in the documentation.

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