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Release Notes

ALVAO 10.1

Prior to upgrading to a new version, read the Important Warnings chapter. This is followed by a list of news and changes in the new version, located in the New functionalities and changes chapter. You can find a continuously updated list of released updates at the end of the document.

Abbreviations used

Abbreviation Meaning
Admin the ALVAO Admin application
AM the ALVAO Asset Management product
AM Agent the Asset Management Agent application
AM Collector, Collector the Asset Management Collector application
AM Console the Asset Management Console application
AM WS the Asset Management WebService application
MR, MailboxReader the Service Desk Mailbox Reader application
OA the ALVAO Outlook Add-in module
SD the ALVAO Service Desk product
SD Console the Service Desk Console application
SD WS the Service Desk WebService application
WA, WebApp the ALVAO WebApp application

Record marking conventions

The records in chapters Important Warnings, New functionalities and changes, Removed problems and Known problems have the following form:

<product abbreviation> <application> <functionality> <change description>

In addition to that, there is usually a repair or change identifier such as T11111ALVAO at the beginning or end of each record. 


  • SD WebApp – Requests – Edit – description of functionality. (T11111ALVAO)
    • The modification relates to the ALVAO WebApp application within the ALVAO Service Desk product.
  • AM Admin – Settings – Detection – Set – description of functionality. (T22222ALVAO)
    • The modification relates to the ALVAO Admin application within the ALVAO Asset Management product.

Important Warnings

This section contains the description of changes in the new product version that may cause certain problems in case of upgrades from legacy versions and/or running the new version. Please read this information carefully before upgrading to the new version.
We also recommend reading the list of known issues in the released versions, see Known problems.

Common for all ALVAO products

  • All products need .NET 4.0 or higher. If you want to upgrade ALVAO Server manually, change the .NET version to 4.0 in the application pools used for ALVAO. (T64623ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – Tables – the settings of columns to be displayed have been moved to the view options, which you can select by pressing "…". (T59534ALVAO)
  • Tables – Filter – variables today and now can only be used in their new form, @today and @now. All filters containing these variables in their old form must be corrected manually. (T51397ALVAO)
  •  Tables – View filters – the accuracy of the @now variable is now 1 hour. (T44663ALVAO)
  • Admin, AM Agent, AM Collector, AM Console, SD Console – the Windows XP operating system is not supported any more. (T77002ALVAO)
    Note: You can install AM Agent 10.0 on Windows XP.
  • ALVAO WebApp – User authentication – Integrated Windows Authentication and form-based authentication (combined) – Integrated Windows Authentication with a user identification string (User Agent) is not supported any more. (T74763ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management

  • AM – My Asset – after upgrading, common users only see the following properties of the asset: Manufacturer, Model, Inventory number, Serial number and Asset number. You will have to set the visibility of other properties – see security for properties. (T31651ALVAO)
  • AM – Log – removed Document type records can be displayed by selecting Table – Display deleted items from the context menu. (T74109ALVAO)
  • AM – Data analysis – the user can only see data that he/she is authorized to see based on his/her role or authorizations settings in the Objects Tree. (T75385ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk

  • SD WebApp – run this script before upgrading to ALVAO 10.1. In doing so, follow the instructions listed at the beginning of the file. The script will repair events in the request log containing images in the message body that are linked to Windows temporary files instead of the database. (T69859ALVAO)
  • Custom Edits and Extensions – any existing custom forms and extensions must be adapted to the new version.
  • The New request and Move to another service forms – the Service field – the custom function ftHdSectionForRequesterSearch_Custom is no longer supported. Now you must create a new procedure named spHdSectionForRequesterSearch_Custom, which will have the same declaration as the spHdSectionForRequesterSearch procedure. (T68985ALVAO)
  • Request (request process) – the Area system item has been removed. If it has been used, it will be converted to Custom Item during upgrade. If the original item has only been used for testing, we recommend deleting the new Custom Item once you have finished the upgrade. (T67736ALVAO)
  • SD WebApp – Current news – the Display from item will be removed after the upgrade. Messages for which a future date was selected in Display from will now be displayed on the Current news page. Newly created messages will be displayed immediately after they are created. They can be temporarily hidden using Hide after. (T72205ALVAO)
  • SD WebApp – Monthly Service Bill – the link in the user menu is hidden by default. You can view it using the procedure described on the Monthly Service Bill page. (T75876ALVAO)
  • SD WS – methods ResolveTicket, ReadColumn, WriteColumn, CreateTicket, AssignTicketToSolver and SetTicketState now have increased security. From an external application they can only be run by users who log in to WS using integrated authentication and who are authorized to perform the operation. (T75625ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the ResolveTicket method – if the method is run from an external application, the request is solved under the currently logged-in user. If the user is not authorized to run the method, the request is not solved. (T75625ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the CreateTicket method – if the method is run from an external application, the creatorId parameter is not used and the request is written under the currently logged-in user. If the user is not authorized to run the method, the request is not written. (T75625ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the AssignTicketToSolver method – if the method is run from an external application, the personId parameter is not used and the request is assigned under the currently logged-in user. If the user is not authorized to run the method, the request is not assigned. (T75625ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the SetTicketState method – if the method is run from an external application, the personId parameter is not used and the status of the request is changed under the currently logged-in user. If the user is not authorized to run the method, the status of the request is not changed. (T75625ALVAO)
  • SD – Database – the Requests, Request flow – history, 1 month request flow, 2 months request flow, Request, Request Week Statics views have been removed. (T73659ALVAO)

ALVAO Monitoring

  • The ALVAO Monitoring product has been renamed to ALVAO User Activity Monitoring. From the licensing point of view it is now an AM module. (T47841ALVAO)
  • MON Portal / WebService – Installation – Both the Portal and WebService run under the application pool with integrated pipeline mode. If you want to upgrade the ALVAO server manually, change the managed pipeline mode to integrated in the application pool used for the Monitoring Portal. You will also need to install a new version of Web.config. This means that prior to upgrading, you will have to move your current version of the file from the installation folder to another folder and then you only transfer the custom settings after the upgrade is completed. (T71577ALVAO)

ALVAO User Activity Monitoring

ALVAO Satisfaction Feedback

New functionalities and changes

Common for all ALVAO products


  • ALVAO WebApp – Integrated Windows Authentication and form-based authentication (combined) – Integrated Windows Authentication is only used for users accessing from a corporate network within a specified IP address range. Other users log in using form-based authentication. To set the IP addresses, go to Admin -> Manage -> Settings. (T74763ALVAO)


  • ALVAO WebApp – options for table sorting Sort ascending / Sort descending and filter by value selection have been added to the column header menu. (T59534ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – if you want to select columns to be displayed, you can search the columns by name or use Select all. (T59534ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – Commands – a pop up window will open instead of a new tab. (T77030ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – improved tab look for table views. (T68827ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – table headers, i.e. view tabs and columns headers, are anchored above the table and thus always visible, even if the tab content is shifted. The headers are anchored only on computer monitors. On cell phones, or when the window size is reduced, the headers are not anchored. (T68991ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – you can export tables to an MS Excel spreadsheet (extension .xlsx) using the Analyze in MS Excel Sheet command. (T68989ALVAO)
  • Filtering – for date and time columns, arithmetic operations with variables @today and @now can be used. Example: @today-1 means yesterday, @now+10 means in 10 hours. (T44663ALVAO)
  • Filtering – operators >,<,>=,<= are now supported in text columns. (T77444ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – a command for canceling the filter used has been added to the column header menu. (T59534ALVAO)
  • The Settings option in the column menu has been renamed to Display columns. (T79317ALVAO)
  • The Hide column option has been renamed to Hide this column. (T79317ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – in all tables, the commands from the "…" menu have been moved from rows to a new command panel in the top section of the page. (T75715ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – a message appears if the user has not selected at least one column. (T69074ALVAO)


  • ALVAO Server Setup – when upgrading to a higher version of ALVAO, Admin is installed and the database is upgraded before other server applications can be installed. (T76172ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – a command panel has been added under the main menu. (T68824ALVAO)
  • Admin – Database – the database versions will now be marked identically to the application versions (e.g. "ALVAO 10.1", "ALVAO 10.1 SP1", etc.). Database version suffixes such as 99a, 100, etc. will no longer be used. (T74638ALVAO)
  • Admin – Activation – the dialog no longer contains information on entering older keys. (T75923ALVAO)
  • Admin – Users – the Created column now shows the date and time of user creation in ALVAO. In the previous versions, the current date and time was written for every import from AD. (T74893ALVAO)
  • Admin – Users – a new column has been added: Last imported from AD. It shows the date and time the user was last found in AD during import. (T74893ALVAO)
  • ALVAO Console – Attachments – files currently open in MS Office can now also be added as attachments to events. (T70370ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – Custom forms – you can add buttons from the form to command panels. (T68824ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – Forms – Selected value in fields – the background is light grey and the text is dark. (T78497ALVAO)
  • ALVAO WebApp – the protection against repeated sending of custom forms has been increased to 7 seconds. (T70062ALVAO)

ALVAO Asset Management

  • AM Console – Objects Tree – you can now select multiple objects and use the Move, Delete and Print commands for all the selected items. (T72491ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Tree – Computer/User– the Assign licenses command has been added to the context menu. (T68350ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Tree – User– the License Registry command has been added to the context menu. (T68350ALVAO)
  • AM – Properties – you can now define the security level for the visibility and editing of properties. (T31651ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Lists of Objects – a context menu similar to the one on the Objects tab has been added to the table; the Move object command has been added to the main menu. (T68349ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Licenses – you can now select licensing model To the core when creating/editing licenses. (T72494ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Autonomous agent detection – if the computer exceeds the AM license, a notification is displayed in the HW and SW detection status. (T64059ALVAO)
  • AM – The User object type has a new default icon. (T68948ALVAO)
  • AM Console – the Tools – Database – Repair Database command has been moved to the Admin application as File – Database maintenance – Repair Database. (T66955ALVAO)
  • AM – Data analysis – the user currently logged in Windows is detected during connection setup. The analysis only shows the values of the object properties the user is authorized to read. (T74912ALVAO)
  • AM Console – the internal cumulative handover protocol can only be issued for the User object type. (T74743ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Objects and properties – The User and Computer object types have a new system property, Last imported from AD. It contains the date and time the user was last found in AD during import. (T74893ALVAO)
  • SAM Assistant – Software Management Report – an option has been added for (not) counting products exempt from audit. (T76242ALVAO)
  • Admin – Custom items – you can define custom items for software products in AM. (T75945ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Products – custom items of products can be shown in the table. (T75945ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Products – New/Edit – you can edit the values of the products' custom items. (T75945ALVAO)
  • AM Console – License Registry – custom items of products can be shown in the table. (T75945ALVAO)
  • AM Console – License Registry – Edit – General – a button for editing the license product has been added. (T75945ALVAO)
  • AM Console – License Registry – Upgrade – you can batch-select and "check" license items. (T77520ALVAO)
  • AM Console – the View – Deleted items command has been added to the main menu. (T77099ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Overview of licenses and installations – custom items of products can be shown in the upper table. (T76963ALVAO)
  • AM Console – the Software / Overview of licenses and installations tab – custom items of products can be shown in the lower table. (T76964ALVAO)
  • AM Console – the Software tab – custom items of products can be shown in the upper table. (T76962ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Software – New license – License package – license names are generated in the following form: <License name> - <Product name>. (T78126ALVAO)
  • AM Console – Software – Products – New – the Add to standard software products library option is enabled by default. (T77416ALVAO)

ALVAO Service Desk

Catalog of Services

  • A service shortcut for frequently used services can be created in a service catalog location that is easier to access. (T68980ALVAO)
  • When loaded, the request form can be automatically filled with values according to the default request template of the service in question. (T68980ALVAO)
  • The requester can search for services by keywords not contained directly in the name of the service. (T68985ALVAO)


  • Resolve – the dialog shows the items required for the Resolved status (and also those required for the Closed status if automatic transition to this status has been set for the process). (T49732ALVAO)
  • Requester notifications about the creation of new requests have been simplified. (T78320ALVAO)
  • New request – when loaded, the form can be automatically filled with values according to the default request template of the service in question. (T68980ALVAO)
  • New request – a command has been added for displaying the requests submitted by the requester. The command opens a list of the requester's requests in a new tab. (T75179ALVAO)
  • New request – the Notes field has been removed. (T78323ALVAO)
  • Assign to me – this command is not displayed to the current solver of the request. (T40537ALVAO)
  • New message notifications for solvers/operators – the notifications use the forwarded message format so that the recipient does not think the notification was originally addressed to him/her. (T77846ALVAO)
  • New message received notification – this notification is sent each time a new message is received. It is not sent to recipients to whom the original message was addressed. Note: In the previous versions, notifications were sent only if the request service address was specified in the To field. (T56662ALVAO)
  • New message received notification – the solver also receives notifications of new messages from requests being approved. (T74491ALVAO)
  • Due date changed notification – more detailed reasons for change are provided in the messages. (T70768ALVAO)
  • First response to the requester – assigning a request to be resolved to a user who is also its requester is considered completing the first response. (T36446ALVAO)


  • A request can be approved/rejected by e-mail. To do this, you first have to enable e-mail approvals by adding approval buttons to the message template for approvers; see the [$ApprovalByEmail$] variable. (T54725ALVAO)
  • Message template for approvers – you can create a custom message template for approvers containing an easy-to-understand description of what is being approved (e.g. the requester's request, a suggested solution, a financial budget, a final solution, etc.). (T73285ALVAO)
  • Request – Have approved – a preview of the message for approvers can be shown in the form. (T77616ALVAO)
  • A notification to approvers about the completion of an approval step – as soon as the approval step (approval, rejection, canceling, expiration) is completed, approvers will receive a new message informing them that their decision is no longer awaited. (T54725ALVAO)
  • Admin – Approval schemes – a new option, only the requester or their manager (for selecting the requester or his/her direct or indirect manager from the group), has been added to the Group approval step. This option is intended for approvals carried out e.g. by the manager of the department to which the requester belongs. (T28004ALVAO)
  • Request approval/rejection – if the approver has no custom signature set for the service, a signature consisting of his/her first name and surname will be automatically inserted in the approval/rejection comment. (T77896ALVAO)
  • The notification of requests received for approval has been changed. (T73285ALVAO)

Current News

  • News can be sent by e-mail. (T68982ALVAO)
  • It is now possible to format the text (HTML) and insert links and images in it. (T68996ALVAO)

System administration

  • Admin – Services – Authorizations – a service can have multiple solver teams, each of them for a different group of requesters. (T71870ALVAO)
  • Admin – Services – it is now possible to assign keywords to services. When a user looks for a service, the search will be performed among the keywords in addition to service names. The keywords can be localized into other languages. (T68985ALVAO)
  • Admin – Operating hours – the Time zone drop-down box has been added. Operating hours can now be set in specific time zones. Tip: For existing operating hours, change the time zone from UTC to your time zone. This will ensure automatic transition to and from DST according to your time zone. (T32562ALVAO)
  • Admin – Operating hours – you can exclude Czech holidays from the operating hours. (T75529ALVAO)
  • The system checks regularly whether all requesters in the services have an operator assigned. (T74897ALVAO)
  • Admin – a command has been added that allows you to check immediately whether all requesters in the services have an operator assigned. (T74897ALVAO)
  • Admin – Approval schemes – the Requester's manager approval step has been renamed to Requester's direct manager. (T28004ALVAO)


  • Data analysis – the reports contained in the analysis have been changed in accordance with the best practices. (T78674ALVAO)
  • Data analysis – custom items now appear under Display name instead of Database column in the lists. (T29035ALVAO)
  • Database – SQL views for reporting are available in the Query scheme. (T69086ALVAO)


  • New request – the Assign to solver option has been renamed to Solver. (T78324ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication – Reply / Reply to all – e-mail addresses of services are removed from recipients so that there are no duplicities in the request log after sent messages are loaded from the service mailbox. (T77540ALVAO)
  • Send message / Reply / Reply to all / Forward request – the request tag, if not already contained there, is added to the subject when sending. (T77823ALVAO)
  • The Write request command has been renamed to New request. (T78576ALVAO)
  • Request – the Approve and Reject forms have been merged into a single form: Approve or reject. The new form displays a message for the approver. (T73285ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – the Forward request command has been renamed to Forward. (T76926ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – the event icons have been updated (T76726ALVAO)
  • Request – Edit – the order of items in the form has been adapted to the New request form. (T68830ALVAO)
  • List of requests – Batch edit – the descriptions of custom items are hidden. They can be shown by pressing the question mark icon next to the item name. (T68830ALVAO)
  • Request – Forward – the files whose content is identical to other attachments are not attached to messages. (T68836ALVAO)
  • Request – the General tab – items Current target and Current target (due date) have been replaced with a single item, Current target / due date. (T56835ALVAO)
  • Request – the General tab – Requester/Solver – Detail – the names of items Username and Other contacts have been unified. (T75988ALVAO)
  • Request – Resolve – if a request has been resolved without a solver, an event for the assignment to the solver who has resolved the request is automatically recorded in the request log. (T75357ALVAO)
  • Custom request items – in a multi-language environment, the translation of the value list is disabled by default. (T73833ALVAO)
  • List of requests – The icons in the lists of requests have been updated. (T77726ALVAO)
  • Request templates – you can use formatted text and images in the descriptions of requests. (T52590ALVAO)
  • Admin – Custom items – Value list – Value – the length of the Service field in the dialog has been extended. (T70248ALVAO)
  • Admin – Services – Notifications – the Request moved to another service option has been renamed to Request moved to this service. (T70071ALVAO)
  • Person – the order of contact information in the detailed view and in forms has been unified (T73113ALVAO)
  • Log (list of events) – you can use the @me variable in the filter for columns From, To, Created by, Solver, Requester. (T62744ALVAO)
  • Log (list of events) – the From column uses the @me filter and the Date column uses the @today filter in the default view. (T74313ALVAO)


  • Search – you can perform search in request logs. (T49947ALVAO)
  • New/Edit request – the request items are displayed in two columns in the form. (T68830ALVAO)
  • New/Edit request, New/Edit template – descriptions of the Service and SLA fields have been added; they are hidden by default. If you select to show it, you can also display the details of the selected service/SLA. (T75392ALVAO)
  • Request – Send message – the To/Copy field – autocomplete suggests the most recent recipients. (T70937ALVAO)
  • Request – Send message – improved look of the dialog box for inserting articles from the knowledge base in messages. (T78329ALVAO)
  • Request – Resolve / Reopen / Due date – the Do not send notification to requester option has been added. The functionalities of the SD WA and SD Console dialogs have been unified. (T38439ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – New event – Event type – the drop-down box has been replaced with buttons. (T41094ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – the Reply to all / Reply / Forward / Edit commands for events open in a pop up window instead of in a new browser tab when a request is displayed in split pane view. (T79505ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – for recent events, the date and time of event creation are shown instead of, for example, "21 seconds ago". (T73767ALVAO)
  • Request – Communication/Log – the Expand all / Collapse all command has been added for expanding/collapsing all events. (T47723ALVAO)
  • Request – the solver team members and the requester will see the Reopen command at the first position for resolved requests. (T78330ALVAO)
  • Request – the Move to another service command has been moved under the Return to operator command in the commands menu. (T74997ALVAO)
  • List of requests – Batch commands – the order of commands in the menu has been changed. (T71714ALVAO)
  • List of requests – Table columns – a warning about columns that might take too long to load has been added. (T65563ALVAO)
  • Current news – Manage – when you click on the news headline in the table, the news will open in a new browser tab in read mode. (T76261ALVAO)
  • Current news – Manage – New message / Edit – the forms open in a new browser tab and the message is displayed in read mode after they are sent. (T76261ALVAO)
  • Current news – Manage – the View command has been added to the command panel. (T77304ALVAO)
  • Current news – The Display from item has been removed from the New message / Edit message form. The Created item automatically replaces this item in the table of messages in edit mode. (T72205ALVAO)
  • Knowledge base – Manage – when you click on the knowledge name in the table, the knowledge will open in a new browser tab in read mode. (T76261ALVAO)
  • Knowledge base – Manage – Edit – after sending a form that has been opened in a new browser tab, you will see the knowledge in read mode instead of the table of knowledge. (T76261ALVAO)
  • Forms – the person selection field – you will also see the icon of the person selected. (T78325ALVAO)
  • Forms – the Service field – when a service is selected, its name and icon are shown in the field. (T78326ALVAO)
  • Formatted text editor – the toolbar now contains two new tools – Copy formatting and Back/Next. (T69477ALVAO)
  • Formatted text editor – the narrow display shows a simplified menu for formatting. (T78327ALVAO)
  • Settings – a separate page, Settings -> Out of office, is now used to declare a user absent or to set his/her substitute. (T71899ALVAO)
  • Team Administration – New/Edit user – the Phone field has been renamed to Work phone so that the item name is consistent with the rest of the application. (T73114ALVAO)
  • Team Administration – New user / Edit – after sending a form that has been opened in a new browser tab, you will see the details of the user in read mode instead of the table of users. (T76261ALVAO)
  • Request templates – New/Edit – a description is displayed in the forms for SLA, services, and custom items. (T73115ALVAO)
  • Headings have been removed from the Knowledge base and Current news pages. (T71720ALVAO)
  • Search persons – Users who are requesters only can only search among persons from their organization, not among organizations. (T81310ALVAO)

SD Console

  • Load messages from Outlook as a new request – you can select a requester other than the message sender and you can also edit the request name. (T54525ALVAO)
  • The request templates administration has been moved to ALVAO WebApp. The current command in SD Console now opens the template administration from ALVAO WebApp in the web browser. (T68839ALVAO)
  • Request – Resolve – requests are resolved using a web form. (T68832ALVAO)
  • Request – Have approved – approvals are run using a web form. (T77616ALVAO)
  • Request – new icons for event types. (T78649ALVAO)
  • Request detail – the Request log table (bottom left) – you can use the @me variable in the filter for columns From, To, Created by. (T62744ALVAO)

Custom Edits and Extensions

  • Custom program extensions – you can now perform periodic custom actions. (T68979ALVAO)
  • Custom forms – the recommended location structure for the source files of custom forms is Custom\<functionality name>\<functionality source files>. If you are using the Custom\<company name>\<all forms> structure, we recommend that you change it. After changing the directory structure for your custom forms, don't forget to edit the paths to the forms in the service settings. (T72625ALVAO)
  • SD WS – Automatic actions triggered by request events – these can be performed even before the message is loaded to the request log / before a request is created based on the loaded message. (T68978ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the SendMail method makes it possible to set different priority for messages being added to the queue for sending. (T75519ALVAO)
  • SD WS – HasPersonSlaInSection, a method allowing to check the SLA of the user in the service, has been added. (T72021ALVAO)
  • SD WS – the NotifyOnHdTicketAccepted and NotifyOnHdTicketRejected methods now contain the approval step number instead of the ticker number in their parameters. (T79082ALVAO)
  • SD WS – CreateTicketRelation, a method allowing to create links between requests, has been added to the interface. (T79455ALVAO)
  • SD WS – CreatePerson, a method allowing to create users, has been added. (T78836ALVAO)
  • SD WS – AddPersonToGroup, a method allowing to add a user to a group, and RemovePersonFromGroup, a method allowing to remove a user from a group, have been added. (T78836ALVAO)
  • SD WS – IsPersonMemberOfGroup, a method for checking whether the user belongs to a group, has been added. (T78836ALVAO)
  • SD WS – You can use the ReadColumn method to read user data. (T78836ALVAO)
  • SD WS – You can use the WriteColumn method to record user data. (T78836ALVAO)

ALVAO Outlook Add-in

  • OA commands – a button for displaying the main and user menus for ALVAO WebApp has been added. (T78458ALVAO)
  • New request from report – you can select a requester other than the message sender and you can also edit the request name. (T54525ALVAO)
  • Ribbon – the Show taskbar command is displayed at the first position. (T78333ALVAO)

ALVAO Satisfaction Feedback

  • A new item, Overall satisfaction, has been added to the survey. It can be filled in by clicking on the voting buttons contained directly in the Request resolved notification. (T68660ALVAO)
  • The drop-down lists of values in the survey have been replaced with rows of stars which allow for easy rating with a single click. (T68660ALVAO)

ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms

  • Multi-language support for sent messages and texts on the My Documents page has been added. (T74899ALVAO)

Removed problems

Updates released

FIX1 (version 10.1.1247, published 3.5.2018)


  • Localization to German, Polish, and Slovak was added.

Removed issues:

FIX2 (version 10.1.1306, published 7.6.2018)

Removed issues:

FIX3 (version 10.1.1361, published 5.7.2018)

Removed issues:

FIX4 (version 10.1.1416, published 2.8.2018)

Removed issues:

  • T83001ALVAO AM - Software detection - installed aplications per user are not detected
  • T83617ALVAO SD - Time of waiting for requester is not measured to Due Date field when a request is resolved 
  • T83640ALVAO SD WA - Knowledge Base - advanced searching in knowledge base - database without FTS ends with an error
  • T83730ALVAO OA - New Request from Message - the request is not created if the recipient's e-mail adress is same as service's e-mail adress
  • T83915ALVAO AM Console - Print - Internal handover protocol - the error "MS Word is probably not installed." or  "0x80004003 Invalid pointer"
  • T83921ALVAO AM Console - Overview of Licenses and Installations - no values in the columns in lower table (e.g. Name on the network, Serial number,  BIOS serial number, ...)
  • T83949ALVAO ALVAO - ImportAD - the import ends with an error if encounters an uknown "Foreign Security Principal"
  • SP1 (version 10.1.3028, published 15.9.2018)

    New functionalities and changes:

    • SD WA - Custom forms - commands OK, Save, Send, Approve and Reject are shown with  standard icons on form's button (they are added in the title bar using css class). (T81324ALVAO)
    • SD Console – Requests - Edit – you can edit all the items that exist in all the selected requests (ie they are set in their processes). (T33101ALVAO)
    • SD WA – Insider Preview - part of the ALVAO system containing agilely developed experimental functionalities, currently only for testing purposes. (T81763ALVAO)

    Removed issues:

    SP1 FIX5 (version 10.1.3076, published 4.10.2018)

    Removed issues:

    • T81986ALVAO SwLib - the generated library can not be loaded into AM Console

    SP1 FIX6 (version 10.1.3127, published 1.11.2018)

    Removed issues:

    SP1 FIX7 (version 10.1.3181, published 6.12.2018)

    Removed issues:

    SP1 FIX8 (version 10.1.3236, published 3.1.2019)

    Removed issues:

    SP1 FIX9 (version 10.1.3284, published 7.2.2019)

    Fixed minor bugs in the sample database.

    SP1 FIX10 (version 10.1.3237, published 7.3.2019)

    Removed issues:

    • T89919ALVAO SD WA - Request - Assign to me - unnecessary launch of custom actions (status change)
    • T90813ALVAO ALVAO Console - Tables - filtering in tables may take a long time if you enter a filter in quotation marks

    Upcoming updates

    SP1 FIX11 (4.4.2019)


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